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The Definition of Car DVD Player


If you care about the car entertainment system, you will know something about car DVD Player. It is good entertainment equipment for the vehicle users. Of course, not all the people know it clearly. More or less, there is some basic information I should explain to you carefully. But they are what I know about it, and I want to tell you because I thought it is good for your use choice.

Car DVD player is a multimedia playback system installed in the vehicle to provide the vehicle users with audio and video entertainment. Generally, in addition to playing the discs with DVD format, the Caska car DVD player also can support the files and discs with VCD / MP3 / WMA / MP4 / Divx / CD / CDR/ CDRW / JPEG and other audio and video formats. Some of them also can support SD, USB, and IPOD and so on. According to the installation position of the car DVD player in the car, it can be divided into sun visor DVD, car roof DVD, headrest DVD, 1 Din car DVD player and 2 Din car DVD player and so on.

In fact, some drivers start to use car DVD player for their passengers because they often take the long distance transportation. In addition, some private car owners such as boss and government leader like use the car DVD player to kill time. Of course, the users include the people who often wait for somebody or wait for their business. All in all, the car DVD player basically is not designed for drivers. And according to the regulations in European countries, once the car ignition is started, the screen of the car DVD player will automatically shut down. This is to protect the safety of the car driving but also it verified that the vehicle image is simply prepared for others.

For the ordinary DVD, they use the compression images with MPEG2 VBR format. It is a dynamic variable data stream compression. It is totally different from the previous VCD. VCD uses CBR format and its data stream is fixed. For each disc, the stored film has a fixed length. But for the DVD, the stored film length is changeable and the small data stream is used. Relatively speaking, the time is longer. On the contrary, if the data stream is larger, the stored film length is shorter. This is the reason why DVD9 has a higher quality than DVD5. Viewing from the compatibility of the DVD disc, the current car DVD player mainly and mostly can support D5. Some of them cannot be compatible with D9. And now there is a trend that the D9 will replace the D5. What is more, if we want the car DVD player to read D9, we should use a good technology. And now this technology should be updated.

However, the car DVD player is a good entertainment for people. It can give people a lot of entertainment. Whether we take it as our vehicle decoration or we use it to enrich our vehicle entertainment, it is a good choice for us. Do you want to get this entertainment for enrich your vehicle life? Get your car DVD player on the website